Abel Tasman Youth Ambassadors

What are Abel Tasman Youth Ambassadors (formerly the Student Advisory Board)?


The purpose of the Abel Tasman Youth Ambassadors is to provide students from all of the Adopt a Section partner schools an opportunity to connect with each other and to develop as leaders and ambassadors for the Park both regionally and nationally. These young people will have the opportunity to lead events, represent the Adopt a Section programme to visitors and others, and drive activities that are of interest to the students and their communities. Students will also have the opportunity to provide input into things such as education programmes, events, community outreach, and improving the visitor experience in the Abel Tasman National Park when possible.


The Abel Tasman Youth Ambassador (ATYA) team includes 4 students and 1 teacher from each Adopt a Section partner school, 1 Maori student selected by iwi from the Onetahua marae in Golden Bay, and 1 Maori student selected by iwi from the Te Awhina marae in Motueka. These student representatives from iwi must attend a school that is part of the Adopt a Section programme. The team also includes 1 representative from Project Janszoon, 1 representative from a local DOC office, and at least 1 adult representative from local iwi. While there are adult members who are part of ATYA , events and meetings are led by students as much as possible. Adult ATYA members are there to support and/or coach students in their role, not to lead or make decisions on behalf of students.


What qualities should Abel Tasman Youth Ambassadors have?


Students should be:

  • Enthusiastic ambassadors for the Adopt a Section programme – at school and in the wider community
  • Interested in the conservation and restoration of natural places, especially the Abel Tasman National Park
  • Enjoy being out in nature and being hands-on
  • Positive contributors (good attitude, willing to be a productive part of a team, respectful of the ideas and opinions of others, reliable, etc.)


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The 2016 team at Waiharakeke in February for our beginning of year leadership retreat.



Our inaugural Student Advisory Board at Onetahuti, Abel Tasman National Park 2015

Want to be an Abel Tasman Youth Ambassador?


Applications are closed and students have been selected for the 2017 ATYA team.  The application process usually begins in September, so visit this web site to see when applications are up, or follow us on Facebook.


You don't attend an Adopt a Section partner school, but still want to be involved? Send us an email and we'll put you in touch with one of our current members. They might be working on a project that could use your support!