Invertebrates = BUGS!

This is where you will find resources on invertebrates and fun ways to monitor them.

We have been setting up invertebrate monitoring in the Abel Tasman since late 2015. Sometimes it takes a while for the bugs to move in. Once we feel confident that these locations are ready for others to visit, we will post their GPS coordinates here.


In the meantime, we hope that you will use these resources to create your own monitoring locations near you. If you take students into the Abel Tasman and are near one of our monitoring spots, you and your students will be able to compare what you found in the Park versus what you found near you.

Wooden Discs

Placing wooden discs out, and monitoring what moves in and underneath, is a great and FUN way to monitor invertebrate diversity.

Weta Hotels

Weta hotels are relatively easy to make and another way to monitor invertebrates (not just weta)!