If you're looking for resources about the Abel Tasman National Park, materials that relate to New Zealand plants and animals, conservation or restoration, this is the place!

Once you've created a user ID, and are signed in, you'll find documents that you can view and download as well as links to other useful resources. There are support and learning materials in the Eco-caching section of this website, too. So if you're looking for location-specific learning, you should have a look.

And don't forget the Abel Tasman Virtual Visitor Centre which you can download for free onto your smart phone.  It has lots of information about the creatures, plants and places you will visit as well as lots of cool old photos and information about the history of the Park.  Just search for Abel Tasman in your Google Play or App stores and download.


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For Students:

If you are a student using this web site, remember that you need to read 3 (or more) articles, or sources, about a topic to really begin to understand it. One article or one web site are usually not enough. We encourage you to read what you find here, and then follow some of the other suggested links to keep reading somewhere else. Some information will be repeated, but you'll probably be surprised how different each source is. And if you find something really great that you think we should know about, send us an email

For Teachers:

We hope that these links and resources will support not only your background knowledge as you introduce new topics to students, or delve deeper, but that they will also facilitate student learning as well. 

Something missing?

If there's something you were hoping to find here, but didn't, let us know. We also welcome suggestions for other helpful links to include in this section as well as on our Pinterest page.

NCEA in the Abel Tasman

Find information on NCEA achievement standards our Adopt a Section schools teach in the Abel Tasman here.

Invertebrates = BUGS!

This is where you will find resources on invertebrates and fun ways to monitor them.

Pinterest and PJEd

We have many, many, MANY links to support teaching and learning about conservation, values and issues in the Abel Tasman sorted into learning topics on our Pinterest page. Click the Pinterest icon at the top of this web page for the link.

Preparing to Visit the Park

This link to the DOC website has tips and other links for 'Planning a School Group Trip'. Our very own Student Advisory Board and Education Team provided feedback on these recommendations!

Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are a fun way to see a place through new eyes. A hunt doesn't have to be specific to a place, either.