Tinline Trail: DOC Conservation Week Event

19 September 2016 / Posted by Janszoon Education

Our education team spent a day in the Park alongside DOC and other local organisations involved in conservation work: Waimaori, The Abel Tasman Birdsong Trust, iwi - and us, of course! The aim was to get families out into our national park for a day of hands-on fun in nature.

Brooke from the DOC/PJ education team went in the day before to place G-Minnow fish traps in a couple of fresh water streams. The next day Brooke and Mel from Waimaori collected the traps. Out of 8 traps, 7 had fish including a redfin bully - and there was even an eel! What a great way to showcase our native fish, many of whom are nocturnal and hard to spot otherwise.

More fresh water invertebrates with Mel

The Abel Tasman Birdsong Trust had a display on their trapping network in the Park, the 'stoat on a stick' game (try to get the 'egg' in the trap without setting it off - SNAP!!!), as well as materials and instructions for making your own tracking tunnel.

Playing stoat on a stick

Lane from the local marae did weaving demonstrations and offered instruction, too. He also had a beautiful display of different flaxes and sample weaving.

 Lane plaiting flax

Philip Siimpson from Project Janszoon, and Roger Gaskell from DOC, led nature trail walks on the loop track. Roger also did some planting while he was there and invited others to join him.

Wendy Philip and Phil the DOC hut warden extraordinaire

Roger also brought out some weta hotels loaded with live weta for Brooke to share with visitors (he plugged the entrances with cotton wool to keep them from crawling out). She had also put out wooden discs for people to lift and look for invertebrates under. Insects and worms are definitely fun!

Inspecting the weta in the weta motel

And Wendy ran a natives vs pests game inspired by a game the Motueka High leaders ran at the Moturoa Mission in March. You make a web with rope, hang different natives and pests on the web, then use juggling balls or hacky sacks to try to knock out the pests. Everyone likes a throwing game, even the adults!

Brother and sister both had fun

All in all, it was a terrific day - and we're looking forward to supporting Conservation Week again in 2017.