Scoping for YELF

10 April 2016 / Posted by Janszoon Education

Today we went out to Anchorage to prepare for the visitors who will be coming from all around New Zealand. Sir Peter Blake's Youth Environmental Leadership Forum (YELF) is coming to Nelson this year, and they want to spend a day at Motueka High's adopted site, Anchorage, with a side trip to Adele Island. Leaders from the Student Advisory Board were invited by the Sir Peter Blake Trust to lead the day.

Here we are getting ready to head out. When we got there we brainstormed what we'll do with the YELF crew.

20160410 102859

Pictured: Joe C from Motueka High and a veteran of the Black Beech Planting Trial on Adele, Bob and Bev Purdie from Manawhenua ki mohua, Dallas B from Golden Bay High and Wendy Reeve from Project Janszoon.


After scoping the area, we decided to introduce YELF attendees to the dune ecosystems that are being restored at Anchorage with some hands-on activities. Abel Tasman Birdsong Trust will send someone along to talk about their trapping network and the A24 self-resetting traps that are installed around Pitt Head. On Adele, Joe will talk about the planting trial that we hope will shade out the pest plants hakea and gorse over time. Joe's been part of those trips for 2 years now. If the trial is successful, it might be expanded to other parts of the Park.


We're getting excited for the visit on the 19th!


Update: Click here for more information and photos from the YELF visit.