Moturoa Mission 2014

12 March 2014 / Posted by admin

Project Janszoon Education was invited to present an activity as part of the Moturoa Mission, a new event for local Enviroschools sponsored by the Nelson City Council and Tasman District Council.


Apparently, the Moturoa Mission was inspired by an annual Enviroschools event held in Auckland, and what a fun day it was! Local organisations with an interest in the environment, conservation, restoration, sustainability, etc., were invited to present a short activity for students to complete. It was meant to be hands-on and something they could do with minimal support.


One thing about the Moturoa Mission that made it particularly fun for the schools involved was that there was a race aspect to the day. “Stations”, or activities, were spread out across a large area (we couldn’t see more than one or two neighbours), points were given for completed activities, and a time limit was set. So it was a race to find and complete as many activities as you could in the allotted time. More than a few kids were puffed by the end of the day!


We presented an activity on pests in the Abel Tasman National Park and loved the chance to meet students from so many area schools. Watching their surprise as they learnt something new, or their satisfaction after they solved complicated questions, was a real treat.


A big ‘thank you’ goes out to the NCC and TDC teams for inviting us!