Battle for the Birds! in Golden Bay

19 November 2014 / Posted by admin

Yesterday we were in Golden Bay for their Conservation Week Round Robin event for schools at Payne’s Ford with members of the DOC and TDC teams.


Presenters offered sessions simultaneously to different schools. There was a session on the problem with rats, forest ecology, how to catch pests, suitability of habitats for natives and the impact of pests on both, and enviro-themed games.


We were thoroughly impressed by this great group of students and teachers! There was so much thoughtful conversation happening all around. Students were particularly intrigued by the stoat lifecycle. Not only are they killing machines – who kill for fun as well as for food – but all of the juveniles leave the nest pregnant, and can hold onto their developing foetuses if conditions in the environment won’t support them when they are born. Bad stoats!


Look at this great “thank you” the presenters received from Collingwood Area School:

Thanks for a fantastic Conservation Week activity day. The students all really enjoyed it. You created many interesting “hands on” scenarios to stimulate and initiate ideas, questions and learning.

The kids loved learning about trees and hopefully will take their parents up that track now. The biologist scenario was thought-provoking and well organised. Possum picnic provided an energetic look at pests in our bush and discussion of native flora. The rat explosion was brilliantly exposed using the tennis balls. Ken’s traps and dead animals were enthusiastically greeted by our students who encouraged Ken to dissect them at the end!! Please could we do more of this – it’s a great way to educate….


We think so, too!