Trackable Travellers

What is a trackable traveller?

You can put a trackable tag on any object:

  • Buy a tag from a geocache supplier and attach it to your object
  • Give it a mission
  • Register the tag number and mission on
  • Then place it (object and tag) in a geocache.

Note: some people just pick a fun tag and don't attach it to an object - the tag can be the traveller, too!

Then what happens?

When a geocacher finds a trackable in a cache:

  • They read the mission and decide if they think they can help.
  • If they can, they take the object with them, then log their find on
  • Finally, they place it in another cache that will help the object complete the mission - and log where they left it.


It's sort of a geocaching relay around the world (or just around New Zealand, depending on the mission). One geocacher after another takes the object out of the cache they found it in, logs it on, then places it in another geocache.

The aim: to 'see' your object travel on its mission - you can follow along whenever it's logged by geocachers on the website.


Project Janzsoon Education has 4 travellers (Note: some people call travellers 'hitchhikers' because they hitchhike from cache to cache to complete their mission):

Korora - The Little Penguin

Wendy - The Weta

Kohatu - The Kaka

Doug - The Kiwi


See photos and learn more about each of our travellers and their missions by clicking the links below. You can also use the links on those pages to follow their journeys!