Eco-caching: It's geocaching with an eco-learning twist!

We've worked hard to get an eco-caching network up and running in the Park. This is tricky, because if you want to list your caches on the world's largest geocaching website,, there has to be a minimum of 161 metres between geocaches. If you're new to geocaching you might be surprised to know that there are already a lot of geocaches in the Abel Tasman National Park! This means that finding spots for our eco-caches (that aren't too close to caches that are already there) is hard work!!!

First locations:

Wainui Inlet

Marahau to Tinline



Click on the links below to get started. You'll also find quizzes for the Marahau to Tinline, Anchorage and Totaranui series, which you can download and use around the campfire at a school camp, or whenever else you'd like to test what you learnt from your eco-cache experience!

Trackable Travellers!!!!

Project Janszoon Education has 4 trackable travellers (also known as hitchhikers). We launched them on their missions in the cache locations above - one each per location. Click the 'travellers' link below to learn more and follow them on their journeys.