2017 Team Selected

21 October 2016 / Posted by Janszoon Education

The student leadership team for 2017 has been selected, and what a competitive, fantastic group of applicants we had! It's exciting to see the interest from students at our 'Adopt a Section' partner schools grow. Every applicant was worthy - and we really wish we could have said 'yes' to them all! If you happened to be one of the students to put your hand up, but you weren't selected, please connect with the kids who were chosen. They need your help and support and you can still be involved! Bring them your ideas! Participate in any projects they lead or meetings they announce! And you never know.... stepping up to get involved with them may help you be selected as a leader in the future!

Congratulations to:

Amalie H-M, Motupipi Primary

Arjuna G, Motupipi Primary

Caitlyn D, Golden Bay High School

Jasper T, Golden Bay High School

Joe C, Motueka High School

Maddie B, Motueka High School

May T, Motueka High School

Pippa S, Golden Bay High School

Siti Y, Golden Bay High School

Tamu E, Motueka High School and iwi student rep for Te Awhina

Tara M, Motupipi Primary 

Tarn C, Motupipi Primary

Zion A, Motueka High School


These new members will join us for our final meeting of the year on the 26th of October at Onetahua marae in Pohara (click here to see more). We'll start with a powhiri, learn about the art and design of this very special marae, followed by some get-to-know-you activities and presentations. We call this our 'Stepping Up' meeting as the 2015 team wraps things up for the year and the new 2016 members are welcomed as the 'step up' to their new roles.

We're so excited to welcome this great, new team - but the outgoing members will definitely be missed!