Students Want to Restore the Sandspit

20 November 2015 / Posted by Janszoon Education

This week students on the SAB met with Project Janszoon and DOC to talk about having a restoration plan written for our adopted site. We are really interested in doing some planting because it's fun to do hands-on things to make a difference. 

At the meeting we discussed how planting at Taupo Point is a problem because of the important Maori history there.

Another idea was to plant at the sandspit. We learned that area is part of the Fire Smart plan for the Abel Tasman. Fire Smart is about stopping fire from starting and spreading in the Park. This includes planting projects. Since the sandspit and the area it connects to near the coastal track are part of the Fire Smart plan, and are also easy to get to for classes from Motupipi, we decided to ask for a restoration plan to be written for that area.

Since this school year is nearly over, the students on this year's SAB won't get to be part of the restoration plan work and planting. Next year's student leaders will be in charge of what comes next. However, Chris, Alex, Pippa and Jessie want to be invited to the first planting event when it happens!