Our Special Place: Writing by Room 4 Students

30 July 2014 / Posted by admin

Our Special Place by Ashley

My favourite place that I visited at Abel Tasman National Park was the big square that we made with a measuring tape.  When we saw the Weka I tapped my mum to show her.  At first there were two Weka kids and one adult Weka.  One Weka kid chased a Fantail and the adult just pecked around.  The other Weka kids chased each other.  There was a Bellbird too. When we were out of the square we went back onto the beach.  I saw the golden sand and I found some decorative shells.  They were white and purple colours.  The water was gently crashing onto the beach.  I felt excited because I really wanted to go on the trip with my mum and learn more about plants and animals from Philip Simpson, a Botanist with Project Janszoon.  I wondered if lots more animals used to live in the Abel Tasman National Park. 


Our Special Place by Emma

I visited my extraordinary place.  It was sunny, calm with a little breeze and a special day.  I stopped and looked at the cabbage tree.  I heard the story about Captain Cook.  I saw Weka, Fantail and Bellbird.  I smelt the fresh air.  I heard the sound of the waves softly splashing on the silky sand.  I wondered what it would look like when I come back next time.


Our Special Place by Jack

I visited my extremely special place in the Abel Tasman National Park on a cloudless, sunny, blue skied day.  I jumped onto the trail and missed a tree by a millimetre.  We were joined by a Botanist, Philip Simpson.


I learned four new plants.  The Tree Daisy, the Shining Spleenwort, the Kanuka and Poisonous Tutu.  I heard and saw a Bellbird (Korimako), three Weka and three Fantail.  One of the Weka pecked Mrs Cullen’s book!  The Weka made a scrunching noise.  Two baby Weka were chasing each other around in the bush.  I saw some spiky balls stuck to people’s shoes.  I searched for old crab pots.  We found one in a pile of flowering Gorse.  The forest floor smelt musty and wet like my blue jacket before it was washed.  I wondered how long ago the farmers had farmed the area and how old the Totara fence posts and wire were.  I was excited to be part of Project Janszoon and the conservation of the Abel Tasman National Park.


Our Special Place by Kate

It was an exciting day, an awesome day, an exploring day at Abel Tasman National Park.  I saw the sun shining and shimmering.  I heard Bellbirds singing in the sun.  I smelt the salty, sparkling sea.  I felt the golden sand brushing over me.  I wondered what other wonderful creatures lived in my amazing place, but it wasn’t my special place any more; it was everyone’s!


Our Special Place by Riley

I visited our special place in the Abel Tasman National Park.  It was a really good day because I got to see interesting things.  Philip Simpson told us about lots of new trees, plants and animals.  I saw three Weka and then I saw three Bellbird and they were singing beautifully.  Joe was sitting right beside them, holding the measuring tape.  I heard the male Weka making a ‘booming’ sound and I wondered if I would hear deer sounds and pig snorts from a long way away. I also wondered if we would see pig rooting and deer tracks.  I dug up some soil to see if there was any Kiwi around because I know what Kiwi eat.  I think Kiwi eat tiger worms found in the soil.  I smelt the fresh air blowing into my face.    I felt very excited.