Writing from 2016 Wainui Bay Trip

20 June 2016 / Posted by Janszoon Education

Room 4 Writing from Wainui Bay Trip

We enjoyed looking on our new class TV at all the photos of our trip to our special place at Wainui Bay. We chose a few to write about. We brainstormed ideas and put them together as class poems. We tried to think of ways to remember the names of several plants and put these ideas into our poems.


Onga Onga (native Nettle)

Beware, take care,

Shiny, triangular, like a taniwha's tooth

Very spiky, like burning scales

Nasty nettle, nestling in the ditch.

Hiding, to catch you unawares,

Treacherous, dangerous,

Like poison ivy,

As hot as lava,

Hot, red hot, on unsuspecting skin!!



Beware, handle with care,

Small leaf, but deadly,

As deadly as a poisonous snake's venom,

Deadly enough to kill an elephant

Tutu, too, too poisonous to touch!!


Kawa Kawa

Dewey, shiny, emerald green,

Heat shaped leaf,

Caterpillar holes in some,

Just pick the holey leaves,

They give strongest protection,

Tooth ache curing Kawa Kawa!!


Whau Seedpod

Brown, ball-like

Thorny, almost hairy,

Pointy as a knife,

As prickly as a kina!!!


Sandy Tracks

Follow the mysterious tracks,

Who walked here by the taniwha's lair?

Leaving a secret, sandy trail?

Friend or foe?

Predator or prey?

Tiny, puffy, pawprints,

Pitter patter,

Making me shier.

Who walked her? Don't you know the taniwha's lair is here??


Taniwha's Cave

Creepy, mysterious, magical,

Deep, dark, penguin shelter,

Pitch black, narrow, musty,

Never ending, carrying on forever,

Darker and darker by the second,

Cavern crouching under the cliff,

Enter for a scare,

Trespass if you dare!

Don't make a sound when the taniwha's around!

You might just wake him up!!