Our Trip to Wainui

24 July 2014 / Posted by admin

Our Trip to Wainui – by Zoe M

Yesterday the whole school traveled to Wainui. We were doing this because we were chosen to look after the area for Project Janszoon.  At first Helen said a prayer, then we started the walk to the beach.  I was excited because I have never been there before.  It took a long, long time but finally we were there!  Yay! The sand felt so nice.  It was soft like silk and a golden colour.  Zoe R took me to a cool place.  It was a big curvy wall of rock and we climbed it.  It was fun.  Then Mrs C told us a legend about a Taniwha.  It was awesome.  I made a seat out of sand.  I was sitting in the sand and built the seat around me.  We looked through some binoculars and learned a lot about Spoonbills.  I learned about a spoonbill’s beak.  It is shaped like a spoon.  Then we went and looked for birds.  We found lots..  We saw Seagulls, Red gulls and Oyster Catchers.   We had lunch.  I was starving!  We learned about the plant Kawakawa.  It has leaves like hearts and is good to make tea with.  We also learned about Whau.  They have big leaves and brown spiky round balls.  Then we learned about stinging nettle.  It has little white sharp spikes.  We saw a whole wall full of stinging nettle.  If I touched it I would probably cry because it would sting!

Helen told us Project Janszoon is trying to get rid of possums, stoats and rats from the Abel Tasman National Park and trying to get birds to come back.  I had a great day.  I’d like to go back because it was really really fun and I had a good time!