Magical Mural

16 October 2015 / Posted by Janszoon Education

We made a mural about our special place. The mural includes the sea, the bush and the sky and many different plants and animals who live there. Our special place is part of the Abel Tasman National Park. It goes from the Wainui Inlet out to Taupo Point.

Photo of Room 3 Mural

Here is some of our writing. It was inspired by our day in the Park:

"What am I? I have fury paws. I eat birds eggs. My foot prints go foot drag fur and I am a pest I can not be a pet because if you try to pat me I will bite you. I hunt in the bush and around the beach." - by Emily

"I feel very proud because Abl tasman is very precious to NZ. It doesn't feel very hidden but it really is. It is special because it's were we live." - by Kahu

"We protect the godwits and the beach. We protect all kinds of birds we protect birds eggs from stoats and possums. I like protecting the sand spit." - by Isla

"I think the Abel Tasman is an awesome park. It has some awsome birds like bell birds. I am proud that I am part of a very special and beautiful park." - by Brad

"Able Tasman is a special place to room 3 because we are part of a project to help the birds and animals and our native bush." - by Lochie

"I like looking after the birds and this place I hope it stays like this + forever." - by Chloe

"We are learning to keep our special place awesome and beautiful." - by Aonghus

"I'm fealing really! really!! really!!! proud of this place and I hope that we keep it beautiful, flowing and natural for as long as we can for the rest of our lives. And if anything happens to it we will try to fix it and keep it how it is." - by Rian

"We have to look after Abel Tasman National Park we look after the birds that live there. We have to kill the stoats and rats because they eat the birds and their eggs." - by Kiyo

"Our special places is Abel Tasman National Park we are learning about pests. The stoats and rats eat the birds and their eggs. The deer and goats and opossumms eat the leaves in the bush." - by Sawyer

"We are trying to keep our special place clean and keep the birds safe." - by Jayden

"Our school is looking after the national park so everyone can go there to play and swim so the fish and birds can stay alive." - by Riley

"We have to keep Abel tasman park looking good. We have to look after it because it is a special beach to Golden bay. I feel really proud that we are a part of project janzoon we have to Kill the stoats and rats to keep the birds safe." - by Teru

"We don't leave rubbish at the beach just our footprints." - by Carmyn

"Abel tasman is a special place. We are trying our best to make it how it used to be." - by Aurora

"Abel Tasman National Park is special to us because we are helping to protect the birds and the sand spit." - by Taylor

"Yesterday we went to wainui on the track I hurried to the beach and guess what? The beach was glorious. I just sprinted. This place is special because of the birds." - by Emily

"We are helping in the Abel tasman to look after the birds and beach I like the rocks." - by Kayden

"The beach is special because it has all the birds and animals I love the beach We help to keep the beach clean and safe." - by Malika

"We are learning to look after all the birds and trees. It is special to me because it has lots of native birds. We are trying to protect the birds and trees. We are trying to keep the bush clean with no rubish." - by Louis

"Wainui is special because native birds and trees are there we help so it can stay all native." - by Mav

"Our special place is the Abel Tasma National Park. I feel very proud because of it's big climbing rock and soft sinky sand It goes nearly right up to my knees." - by Percy

"We are helping to look after able Tasman National Park because we need to keep it looking nice and beautiful." - by Luca 

Click here to see photos of our mural.