Kakariki Release

7 May 2014 / Posted by admin

We were lucky to be chosen to be part of the kakariki release because we have an interest in the environment and we are also fit enough to walk into the aviary by Wainui Hut.


The walk went quite quick as we were able to talk to all the different people involved in Project Janszoon.


It was really exciting to finally get there and see the 12 young birds in the aviary.


Once the hatch was opened four birds went out quite quickly, but the other eight seemed reluctant to leave. The birds on the outside kept calling to them but gradually they all made it out.


Once the birds were released we got to go into the aviary to pick up all the left over fruit, so the birds wouldn’t keep coming back to the aviary. They needed to be able to search for their own food.


On the way in we saw a lots of stoat traps, which will help with the survival of the kakariki. As they nest in holes in the trees they are really vulnerable to stoat and rat attacks.


We hope that the kakariki will successfully breed and that we will get to see them in our National Park.


Project Janszoon hope to at some stage  to also release kaka from the same aviary. It would be really cool if we could be involved again.


By Gabby, Jamie and Briget