The First Kaka Transfer

19 October 2015 / Posted by Janszoon Education

We had a couple of false starts due to weather with the kaka release but finally got the go ahead over the holidays.

Amber, Aurora, Maren, Emma, Iyla, Kian, Cherysh, Amira and Tara went to the marae as part of the powhiri for the four kaka that were to be released into the aviary near the Wainui Hut. While that was happening Rosie B, Iris, Rhys, Kate, Lily, Caitlin W, Daisy, Hannah and Rosie all walked into the Wainui aviary to see the kaka being released.

Thanks to Lou, Janet and Diarmuid for walking in with the children and to Malcolm for taking the children to the marae.


We got to sit by the kaka while the powhiri was happening which was really good fun. My dad spoke at the powhiri. - Iyla

I enjoyed sitting with the kaka. We sat on a special woven mat that is specially used for when birds are welcomed. We weren't allowed to stand on it, we were only allowed to sit on it. - Maren

I enjoyed the powhiri. I was with the tangata whenua because I'd been welcomed onto the marae before. I went with my grandparents. I enjoyed seeing the kaka being welcomed.- Cherysh


Motupipi students at the aviary for the kaka transfer.

Motupipi students at the aviary for the kaka transfer.


The kaka were incredible, I thought they looked stunning. When they were released they went nuts and were really noisy as they checked out the aviary. I brought a piece of rotten wood and one got stuck into it looking for bugs. - Rhys N

It took a while to walk in but it was quite a privilege to see them getting released. It was the first time I'd seen a kaka. The birds were helped out of their cages and placed on branches then they started exploring. - Iris

It was quite a hard walk in but it was worth it, because I'd never seen a kaka before and they are such beautiful birds. I don't think I'll ever get as close to one again. - Kate N