Four More Kaka Released!

27 April 2016 / Posted by Janszoon Education

We had a great day, the birds were singing to us on the way.

We went from Birds Clearing and arrived at the Wainui Hut just in time to meet the others that had walked in from Canaan for the release of the Kaka.

RB7 8834 resized  RB7 8806 resized

The Kaka were fed delicious apples and oranges cut up into small pieces. Then the window of the avery was opened.

RB7 8848 resized

We stood watching and watching, then one of the birds finally mustered up the courage to fly out and flew as fast as you can fly to a beech tree away from sight. The others then followed, seeing that it was a good idea. Three of them stuck around the trees when they were out of the avery the other one was still in the beech tree.

RB7 8880 resized

We watched the birds for a bit then walked home. It was a fabulous day!

From Phoebe M-C, Motupipi student

P.S. I hope there is another release soon.