SAB Team Welcomes YELF to ATNP

30 April 2016 / Posted by Janszoon Education

During their stay in Nelson, the 2016 YELF group came to Anchorage where Joe and I represented the partnership between Project Janszoon, DOC and local schools as part of the Project Janszoon SAB group.

We explained how each school has adopted a ‘plot’ in the Abel Tasman National Park and cares for it. As both Joe and I are from Motueka High School, Anchorage is home turf, thus we were able to explain how we care for Anchorage.

We taught the YELF-ies about the dune restoration work we are doing, then a little bit about pest eradication in that area. We had many great people who work within Anchorage each speak about their role in the park, be it trapping or monitoring the native fauna.

We then visited Adele Island where Joe spoke to the group about the black beech monitoring program that is going on there, while at Watering Cove we covered the ocean side of things. We explored rock pools and learned about how they are their own little eco-system.

During that day Joe and I were both teachers, leaders and students. Meeting so many young people so passionate about the environment has empowered our resolve to continue to aim for a greener tomorrow.

by May Takahashi