OE Lends a Hand

4 April 2016 / Posted by Janszoon Education

For the second year, Outdoor Education students have lent a hand at Anchorage while visiting their adopted site at Anchorage. Last year they were part of the first dune restoration planting that took place at the far end of the beach, near the track to Torrent Bay and Cleopatra's Pool.


This year students helped weed the dunes in front of the Anchorage campground. People tend to get excited about planting - but planting is only the beginning. The real work is ensuring that those plants survive - and one of the biggest threats, beyond being trampled by visitors, or nibbled by pests - are weeds. Weed plants can out-compete and suffocate new plants. Even this area that was planted a year ago still needs support against weed invasions.


Year 12 OE students made a huge difference in this area. Take a look at the massive piles of weeds that they removed in a relatively short time!