Level 2 Fieldwork

15 May 2014 / Posted by admin

On Thursday 15th of May, Year 12 Geography along with Mrs Wolfreys and Mr Coleman went on their field trip to the Abel Tasman National Park. This was in partnership with Wendy Reeve of Project Janszoon and Rebecca Martin of the Department of Conservation. 

The field trip was to collect data for AS91244, a Level 2 Research internal. This is worth five credits. The geographers were collecting information from the areas between Watering Cove and Anchorage answering the research question of: 

‘What factors and process cause variation in contrasting locations and their characteristics in our Project Janszoon area?’ 

Basically, this means how are the case areas different and why are they different. To answer this question, data was collected about the relief, soil, vegetation and climate at each location. 

The Year 12 Geography class had a fantastic day. They arrived to the park via sea shuttle (Thanks to Abel Tasman Sea Shuttles) where they made stops to look at Split Apple Rock and Adele Island with the NZ Fur Seals. 

It was a brisk morning but beautiful weather that showed of the magic scenery of the area. Once arriving at Watering Cove and having the introductions and safety briefing, the students went bush to collect information. 

Thanks to Rebecca and Wendy for their expertise of the area especially the ecology.

The field trip went perfectly to plan, with students working well in their groups, taking photos, drawing field sketches, using clinometers, measuring wind and temperature as well as vegetation measurements and observations. Thanks to our Math, Science and Outdoor Education departments for the equipment. 

For some of our students it was the first time in the park while for others they were experts in the area. It was great to have a good mixture and to see people experience the wonder of the area for the first time. 

There are always field trip firsts; with Russell Adams bringing a gas cooker and cooking up a feed of wild goat sausages for his group members William Sowerby and Phillip Goodall. Phillip kept the class well feed with curried egg sandwiches and lamingtons. Mr Coleman was very much appreciative of his gourmet meal field trip meal. 

After all the planning and prep, the day was a success and for the students they now need to take this information and write a detailed report on the variation of the area.

Appreciation goes out to Mr Coleman who prepared all the field trip, Wendy from Project Janszoon, Rebecca from DOC and Rebekah Wolfreys for the writing of the assessment. Thanks to the students for a wonderful day full-on enthusiasm.