We're Back!

5 April 2016 / Posted by Janszoon Education

Biology field trip to Anchorage by Ra Buchanan

On the 4th of April, Year 12 Biology went to Anchorage to research and observe the growth patterns of Hakea, Manuka and Kanuka plants.

We motored into Anchorage on a pleasant, sunny morning, unloaded onto the beach and marched up to the top of Anchorage Hill, where we measured and counted the different bushes and trees at various points on the slope.

Gathering data at one of our plots resized 

More data gathering at a lower elevation resized

The weather was beautiful and there were gorgeous views out over the park. Coming into Anchorage and wandering around we could see the massive beneficial impact Project Janzoon has had on the Abel Tasman’s forests such as the removal of wildling conifers. Having such an amazing and diverse area to study and explore on our doorstep is a huge privilege.

View from the top of the Coastal Track above Anchorage resized

We are one of three schools helping to look after a section of the park and hold onto its natural beauty for future generations. I know I will be back to help take care of this gorgeous place.


Back in the classroom, we collated our data and have used it to complete an assessment worth 4 credits, where we identified and explained the plants zonation pattern.