Earning NCEA Credits at Anchorage

17 March 2015 / Posted by Janszoon Education

Today the Year 12 Biology classes went to our site at Anchorage to look at patterns in ecological communities. Students and teachers were joined by Wendy from Project Janszoon as they walked up the coastal track from Anchorage to the ridgeline above. Along the way, the group stopped and became more familiar with the target plant species: kanuka, manuka and hakea. They talked about the change in the canopy, vegetation and soil as the elevation changed. Once at the top, students worked in teams to select sites and began to collect data. Each group selected 3-4 data collection sites in distinct zones along the coastal track. They had to gather data that included both biotic and abiotic factors so that they could examine how these factors influenced the patterns in their data. Once they returned to school, students set to work writing up their results for NCEA credits.