Student Thoughts on Our Trip to Anchorage

9 June 2016 / Posted by Janszoon Education

Science X has been taking Year 10 students into the Abel Tasman once a term since Motueka High began its partnership with Project Janszoon. That's 7 trips in 2 years (a wet weather day once kept us at Marahau instead).

This year Science X has changed to a semester long elective class. Students design their own investigations. Each class makes 2 trips to Anchorage. The first trip is to get to know the place better and to try to think about some options for investigations. The second trip is to collect data for the topic each student chose to investigate. Here are some quotes from the second SciX trip to the Park on the 2nd of June:


“Great day out, valuable information on the state of our park.” - Corey


“I really liked going on the boat and learning new things." - Lottie


“Roses are Red, Violets are blue, I went on this trip and so did you." - Freeman


“I enjoyed the trip, the hands on work made it really enjoyable and the learning really sunk in, a very memorable trip.” - Kimberly


“It was fun and exciting…” - Kyle


“The trip was mint cause I got a day off school to do some exciting bird watching and do something other than school work” - Fynn R


“It was an interesting trip especially because we actually got to carry out our investigations” - Jade


“Was a good day i learnt a lot and also lost complete feeling in my feet because the water was freezing” - Douglas McGhie


“Found the trip awesome and learnt heaps.” - Joseph


“It was very fun and I liked the boat ride” - Logan


“Holding the eels was awesome” - Sebastian M


“It was fun to open the fish trap and hold the eels and freezing our feet off  :)”Mark


“It was fun finding all the fish” - Toby


“Bush bashing to try find the weta hotels was fun along with seeing the different footprints that were left in the tracking tunnels.” - Laura


“A good experience, it isn’t what we would normally do at school.”Michael