Senior Graphics Goes to Anchorage!

8 April 2016 / Posted by Janszoon Education

Notes from students on our day in the Park:

The trip to Anchorage with Project Janszoon and Doc was a good experience. I found it interesting to learn about the Motueka High School area. I found the trip very beneficial for my graphics project. I found out how I can incorporate my design into nature. I had a really good day with my class out in the National park. Thank you to Doc and Project Janszoon for taking the time to take us out and educate us on the Motueka High School area. - Breeze

I found the trip to Anchorage very educational and beneficial for my Graphics assignment. It was interesting to learn that Motueka High School had their own section of the Abel Tasman to help improve and make better. I especially enjoyed finding inspiration from the nature that surrounded us for my logo design, as it gave me something to base my work on. - Heidi

I had a wonderful, educational visit, enriched with wifi and natural surroundings. The weather was favourable and the representatives from Project Janszoon and DOC were a laugh. Would go again to Anchorage in a heartbeat. - Charley

I think the trip to Anchorage was really helpful for my work in graphics and it was interesting to learn about the partnership between DOC and Motueka High school. I really liked that they gave me the possibility to have a close look at the ranger's hut and how the solar panel system there is working. The weather and people made the trip perfect. - Matthias

The trip to Anchorage was really good and helpful. It was interesting to listen to the 2 women and to get everything explained. I think the trip helped me with my work and to get new inspiration. Chur - Mara

The Anchorage trip really helped me with my design in choosing a location and inspiring me with its beauty. It was very kind and helpful of Project Janszoon to let us enjoy the park. Thanks very much for the trip.   -  Angus   

I had a wonderful day and am very thankful for the time that was given up for our class. It’s very amazing we have such possibilities. Thank you all very much! Love and kisses - Johan <3

I found the trip to Anchorage really inspirational to get ideas for how to incorporate nature into my design and also how to make it fit into its environment. It also just gave me more ideas being amongst the natural setting and seeing what would work and what wouldn’t. Thanks for this great opportunity. - Georgia

I found the trip to Anchorage really helpful and it really benefited my graphics assignment in helping me choose a location for where i would place my hut and giving me inspiration of the sort of shape and things my i imagine my hut to look like. Thank you for taking the time to take us down and show us around our section. It’s great to be able to take our learning into real life situations. - Lucy