Our Visit to Hadfield Clearing

28 November 2014 / Posted by Janszoon Education

This is a collection of some of the writing we did about pests and our visit to the Hadfield Clearing.

Project Janszoon Hadfield's Clearing - Awaroa by Kodie

I was part of a group of people working with Project Janszoon who went to Hadfield’s clearing to find information about pests.

We found lots of scat from hare, deer, cat and dog. We found signs of trees being eaten by deer and goats. There were fur balls from cats on the track. We found burrows from hares and rabbits, there were holes in the side of the hill and banks. We looked for runs in the long grass and squashed grass. Under old logs we found bones and skeletons from where cats, possums and rats had killed their prey. The pest I was learning about was the annoying hare.

I enjoyed learning about pest control and the different traps used for the different pests. I am looking forward to going back down to Hadfield’s Clearing to learn more about the pests that are destroying our native environment and it would be great to see if the pest population has gotten smaller. It would be cool to see a pest that had been caught in one of the traps. 

I think it is important for Golden Bay High School to continue to go on with this project. This is part of our environment and we need to look after and take care of it for years to come.

Project Janszoon Hadfields Clearing Awaroa by Ryan

As part of the year 7 Greenhouse group, we went to Hadfield’s Clearing in Awaroa and went to find evidence on pests.

Our mission was to walk around the clearing and look for any signs of pests.

We found animal prints on the river bank. In the tracking tunnel there were mouse prints. In the long grass we found scat (which is poo) of cat, hare, dog and deer. We found possum runs. A run is a path through the grass which an animal has created by going back and forth over it, so in time the grass is flattened.

We wandered around the clearing looking at the different traps that were used to capture the pests like a cat trap and stoat/ferret/weasel trap; unfortunately there was nothing in them. We did talk about going back down there another time and hoping to camp overnight, and then we can see the pests come out in the early evening and early morning, that would be awesome.

I really enjoyed the day because we spent the day outdoors like kiwi kids should and learnt a lot about this area and how this area can so easily be destroyed by pests. I am looking forward to going back down next year and seeing if there is a decrease in pests and seeing if the trees have grown, and hopefully we get to camp there.

Project Janszoon Hadfield Clearing Awaroa by Breanna

Project Janszoon is a place in Awaroa called Hadfield Clearing. We went there to learn about the pests in this area and how they are affecting our native birds, animals and trees.

Our group wandered around the clearing to investigate any signs on pests. We found scat from hare, deer, cat and dog. The evidence of pests we found were fur balls, burrows from hares and rabbits. We saw runs through long grass from hares and possum. We also saw chick eggs that had been cracked and eaten by a rat. We knew it had been eaten by a rat because rats leave the egg shell and a stoat eats the whole egg. We saw trees that had been eaten by a hare, deer or possum. My chosen pest was the hare so it was really cool to see a burrow and their scat. 

I enjoyed our day looking around the Hadfield Clearing and learning about pests. I enjoyed being part of this project and hope to be part of it next year.

Project Janszoon Hadfield's Clearing Awaroa by Korban

As a year 7 student I am part of Project Janszoon in the Hadfield’s Clearing in Awaroa. We have been gathering information on pests in this area and what damage they are doing to our native animals, birds and forest.

We found lots of scat, runs, hare burrows, skeleton, a cat nest and fur balls, eaten eggs, eaten tree leaves and snapped tree branches. We looked in the different traps for pests but there were none inside. The pest I chose to research was the deer. I saw signs of deer scat and snapped branches.

I really enjoyed learning about Project Janszoon and what they do for the environment. I hope that when we go again we can camp overnight, then we will be able to see pests come out in the evening and early morning. I think it is important for Golden Bay High School to carry on with the project as it is part of our environment, as a community we need to care for it in years to come.

Hadfield Clearing Awaroa by Zayne

The idea behind this project is to get rid of the pests and to restart the Kahikatea reforestation on the old Hadfield farm.

Over the last few months we have learnt a lot about the pests that are in the park. We are going down to the Hadfield Clearing in two weeks’ time. We will look at signs of pests in the Hadfield Clearing by looking for footprints, scat and damaged trees. We will also look at the different types of traps that are used to capture these pests. 

It is important that the pests are removed from our National Park as these pests are eating the native bird’s eggs and their chicks; the goats are eating the bark off the native trees; pests are eating the new seedlings and the pigs are rooting up the ground which is damaging the roots of the trees as that means they can’t thrive. 

I think we should carry on with this project because it’s a good environment to be able to work with the National Park and the school.