First Ever Hadfield Clearing Overnight

23 November 2015 / Posted by Janszoon Education

Ms Browlee's year 8 students were the first ever to have an overnight visit to Hadfield Clearing. Believe it or not, even the site manager, Mike Crawford, had never spent the night before either!

 20151117 095258 001 resized

The overnight team!



  • Setting up camp and figuring out where (and how!) to pitch our tents
  • Bush wacking - and getting lost, then found again
  • Using 'collecting frames' to look more closely at plants
  • Making and putting out tracking tunnels
  • Sausage sizzle and homemade treats
  • Spotlighting for fish, and learning how to put out g-minnow traps
  • Playing ruru calls - and hoping for a reply
  • Hot breakfast!
  • Checking tracking tunnels and g-minnows
  • Seeing native fresh water fish up close
  • Using the animal tracking receiver to find a 'kakapo' wearing a transmitter

 20151117 120707 resized See the blue transmitter?


All in all, everyone had a wonderful time and learnt heaps as well. Students agreed that everyone should have the chance to do a Hadfield Clearing overnight trip, too!


20151117 094356 resized

Getting a close look at fresh water fish.